Please consult our Kidding Schedule.

Check out what is available from the Buffalo Clover tank!!
GCH Buffalo Clover Valentino ++B +S – $750/straw
CH Buffalo Clover Huey Long +*B – $375 for 5 straws (+ ADGA pending)
CH Buffalo Clover Monte Carlo – $375 for 5 straws
CH Castle Rock In The NIK Of Time – $300 for 5 straws
Little Tots Estate Maserati *B – $300 for 5 straws
Buffalo Clover CC Paramour *B – $250 for 5 straws
Buffalo Clover VAL Sterling *B – $250 for 5 straws
Buffalo Clover Arthur *B – $225 for 5 straws

Entire herd tested negative for CAE as of January 2022.


Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis by contacting Jan at 817-239-4781 or

Terms of Sale:

Thank you for your interest in a Buffalo Clover farm animal. We want you to be pleased with your purchase and therefore we have some Terms that govern the sale of our animals.

Buffalo Clover maintains the right to keep any kid at any time. All animals are sold on “breeders terms,” meaning we may ask for stud service back, first right of refusal, etc., on an individual basis.

The buyer is responsible for payment of the following:
• Health certificate and vet check (if required)
• Shipping from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
• Kennels: You can have them shipped directly to the farm, or we would be glad to purchase one for you.

If shipment of an animal is required, an additional $50 fee for transport of the animal from Buffalo Clover Farm to Dallas Forth Worth International Airport will be levied.

Reservations for kids are placed on a first-come, first-served basis. After kidding, individuals with reservations will be notified regarding the availability of kids. Upon notification of availability of any animal reserved from us, a 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid within 24 hours to hold the animal. In the event of cancellation between time of birth and pickup, the deposit can be applied to another kid, either from that year or a future freshening. Full payment must be rendered within 30 days of the deposit. After that time, without further payments, the animal will be offered for sale to others and you will forfeit your deposit. All expenses (vet and shipping) must be paid before an animal is shipped. Buffalo Clover reserves the right to retain any reserved animal for any reason at any time until the animal is paid for in full. If this is done, payments will be refunded. All animals must be paid in full before leaving our farm.

Price Ranges:
Does: $550-$1250
Bucks: $550-$1250
Wethers: $100

Pricing of kids is determined by lineage, conformation, show wins, and potential. Visual assessment of a kid once it is born may result in a price alteration. Reserved kids will be sold at the original posted price. Pricing on adult goats is based on individual performance and lineage. We reserve the right to modify sale pricing as we deem appropriate.

We sell animals that are healthy and sound at the time of transfer. A purchaser has the right to a full veterinary examination at his/her expense on any animals to be purchased. We will not claim any responsibility for the health of an animal purchased from us beyond 24 hours from the time it leaves the farm unless we are presented with a vet’s official statement that the animal in question had a condition prior to transfer. The risk of loss transfers once the animal leaves our farm.

If you have any questions, just drop us a note and let us know!

Thank you!